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Graphite Oxide

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ACS Material Graphite Oxide

Preparation Method:   Modified HUMMER’S method

Diameter: 0.5-5 μm

Thickness: 1-3nm





         FT-IR for graphite (a) and graphite oxide (b)  XRD for graphite (a) and graphite oxide (b)


                                      TEM for graphite (a, b) and graphite oxide (c, d)

Graphite Oxide has good solubility in water, ethanol, DMF et al. The dispersion concentration of Graphite Oxide in water will be greater than 2 mg/ml. Graphite Oxide can be easily dispersed in polar solvents with the help of ultrasound.

Application Fields:
Preparation of graphene;
Solar energy;
Graphene semiconductor chips;
Conductive graphene film;
Graphene computer memory;
Transparent conductive coatings.

*The research demonstrates that a common contaminant (some potassium salt residues) in graphite oxide renders the material highly flammable. ACS Material-Graphene oxide was purified many times, and potassium salt was removed completely. Therefore the consumer can safely use ACS Material-Graphene oxide.
* Kim F, Luo J, Cruz-Silva R et al. Self-propagating domino-like reactions in oxidized graphite, Advanced Functional Materials, 2010, 20 (17): 2867-2873.

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