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Products - Graphene Nanoplatelets - Graphene Nanoplatelets (2-10nm)
Graphene Nanoplatelets (2-10nm)
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Graphene nanoplatelets consist of stacks of multi-layer graphene sheets in a platelet morphology,
with a high aspect ratio (width–to-thickness).  True density: 2.3g/cm3
Bulk Characteristics
Carbon Content
Bulk Density
Water Content
Residual Impurities
Black and Grey Powder
~0.10 g/ml
<0.5 wt%
<0.5 wt%
Physical Properties
Specific Surface Area
Electrical Conductivity
Tensile Strength
~5 μm
2-10 nm
20-40 m2/g
80000 S/m
5 Gpa
Structure Features: The layered structure is as same as graphite crystal


 Use as a high performance additive for composites with PPO, POM ,PPS, PC, ABS, PP, PE, PS, Nylon and rubbers.
 Can improve composites tensile strength, stiffness, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and anti-static electricity and lubricant properties.
 For all mechanical properties modifications, typical amounts are about 2-6wt%
 For conductivity modification, typical amounts are about 2-8wt%
Application Instruction
■ Mix Graphene nanoplatelets with the target polymer using a double-roller, banburymixer, twin screw extruder or other mixer commonly used in the plastics industry. For better dispersion of the product powder in the target polymer matrix, some surface modifiers, such as silane coupling agent, titanate coupling agent or aluminate coupling agent, etc are recommended to use before mixing the powder with plastics resin.
■ The effectiveness of modification depends very much on the type and the amount of surface modifiers used. We would be delighted to speak with you about what works best for your application.  Please call (US) 866-227-0656
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