V-Shape AAO (5P/Pack)

V-Shape AAO (5P/Pack)


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Types of V-Shape AAO Templates

SKU Opening Aperture Bottom Aperture Hole Depth Size
A3010021 90nm 40nm 160-200nm 2cm x 2cm
A3030021 300nm 100nm 280-320nm 2cm x 2cm
A3010011 90nm 40nm 160-200nm 1cm x 1cm
A3030011 300nm 100nm 280-320nm 1cm x 1cm

The tapered hole (V) AAO template changes the normal vertical channel AAO template into a structure with large pore size above and small pore size below. The structure is especially suitable for nano surface construction‚ such as nano-imprint lithography. In the release phase of the process‚ V channel has a great advantage over the vertical channel.

V Shape AAO Templates,2cmx2cm

ACS Provides these Custom Order Services:

  1. Large size or special parameter AAO Templates.
  2. Transfer of ultrathin AAO. The present standard product: 50-400 nm pore diameter‚ 110-450nm interpore distance‚ and 5-50um thickness. Applications: As a mask for nanodot or quantum dot array by deposition methods; As an etching mask for nanopore array on substrates; Nano-imprinting template for nanostructures on softer surfaces‚ especially polymer surfaces. For substrates: Transfer to silicon‚ silicon oxide‚ ITO‚ glass‚ copper‚ HOPG etc. ACS must assume that the surface of the provided substrates have been thoroughly cleaned and cannot take responsibility for pre-existing impurities.

Please call with your particular requirements.