Graphene on Copper Foil

Graphene on Copper Foil

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Single- and Multi-layer Graphene on Copper Foil

Product Detail

 CAS No.: 7782-42-5 (graphene), 7440-50-8 (copper)

1. Preparation Method

CVD Method

2. Wafer Structure:

Graphene on Copper Foil (both sides)


3. Characterization & Analysis

Predominantly Single-layer Graphene on Copper Substrate

Sheet Resistance <600Ω/sq
Custom Order <300Ω/sq
Transparency >95%

Typical Raman Spectrum of a Single Layer Graphene

TEM Image of a Single Layer Graphene

Predominantly Double- or Multi-Layer Graphene.

Typical Raman Spectrum of 2 Layers Graphene

Typicla Raman Spectra for 3-5 Layers Graphene

Typical Raman Spectra for 6-8 Layers Graphene

4. Conditions for safe storage

Keep the products in a dry and low oxygen (or oxygen-free) container at moderate temperature (<30°C).

5. ACS Material also provides: 

  1. Super large size  graphene on copper foil up to 30cmx20cm
  2. Double or multi-layer graphene
  3. Graphene transferred onto silicon dioxide substrate
  4. Pretreated graphene: Graphene has been coated PMMA‚ just after some simple steps‚ you can transfer it to other different substrates
  5. Graphical graphene: According to graphics mask supplied by customers
  6. Customized service: different floors‚ different sizes of graphene; graphene transfer services; nitrogen-doped graphene; graphical graphene etc.

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