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Microfluidic Spinning Equipment

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Product Overview

ACS Material microfluidic spinning equipment brings you microfluidic spinning technology, which is the newest preparation method for spinning orderly oriented fibers. Compared with electrospinning equipment, microfluidic spinning equipment is safer, since it can avoid high voltage electrostatic fields. This equipment can precisely control the receiving position and the scope of a single fiber and it is recommended for spinning one dimensional structural materials, etc. 

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Product Features

  • Spins a variety of materials
  • Orderly arrangement of fiber array
  • Fiber diameter range: nm~μm
  • Produces organic-inorganic mixed fibers
  • Precise control
  • Easy to operate
  • High security
  • No need for special conditions such as high temperature and high pressure

Product Composition

1) Syringe pump

2) Microfluidic nozzle

3) Microfluidic chip

4) Spinning Receiver

5) Electronic control moving system

6) Temperature curing system

Product specifications

Syringe Pump


10 or 20 mL (contact us for availability)

Feeding Speed

0.0003 mL/min-681.73 mL/min

Spinning Receiver

Effective Stroke

360 mm    

Rotating Speed

1-1440 rad/min  (Adjustable)

Translational Speed of Electronic Control Moving Device

0-1000 mm/min  (Adjustable)

Temperature Control Range

Room temperature ~80℃

Temperature Control Accuracy


Humidity Accuracy

±3% RH

Power Source

AC: 220V±10%, 50Hz

Conditions of usage

Atmospheric pressure and room temperature

Power of Temperature Curing System

200 W

Rated Power of Microfluidic Spinning Equipment

600 W


950*550*600 mm


55 kg

  • One-dimensional ordered fluorescent microfibers
  • One-dimensional bamboo- structured fluorescent hybrid microfibers
  • One-dimensional Janus hybrid microfibers
  • One-dimensional microarrays and microreactors
  • Three-dimensional Janus microspheres
  • Uniformly sized and orderly arranged three-dimensional microbeads and hybrid microbeads, micro-structure reactors and sensors
  • Experimental equipment for textile and microchemical engineering

Disclaimer: ACS Material, LLC believes that the information in this Technical Data Sheet is accurate and represents the best and most current information available to us. ACS Material makes no representations or warranties either express or implied, regarding the suitability of the material for any purpose or the accuracy of the information contained within this document. Accordingly, ACS Material will not be responsible for damages resulting from use of or reliance upon this information.