Trivial Transfer Graphene™

Trivial Transfer Graphene™

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5

ACS Material provides custimize services and please contact us if you need a different size or have special requests on the sample.


ACS Material provides you the easiest way to transfer single-layer graphene onto any substrate. All of the hard work has already been done.  You can experiment with any novel substrate by using Trivial Transfer Graphene®.

Predominantly single-layer graphene

Sheet Resistance <600Ω/sq
Custom Order <300Ω/sq
Transparency >95%

Typical Raman spectrum of a single layer film

TEM image of a single layer film

After you receive the Trivial Transfer Graphene™ (3rd Generation)

TTG User Instruction


1. What is the thickness of PMMA?

About 500nm.

2. How do I cut the Trivial Transfer Graphene™ into small pieces?

Step 1. Release the TTG into DI water and pick it up on filter paper.
Step 2. Keep the filter paper wet‚ cut the TTG into the desired sizes with scissors.
Step 3. Return the pieces to the water and they should release once again for transfer to another substrate.

3. What's the green substrate and wet cloth?

The green substrate is a pure PET substrate to help remove bubbles/wrinkles if there is any on the TTG if it causes problems during the transfer. Please contact us for the demo video if necessary. If not, you can just ignore it and it is included in the package just in case. 
The wet cloth in the package is to keep TTG in a good quality during storage and transportation. 
4. What if the TTG is folded or rolled up?
Please contact us for the demo video if necessary.

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