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  • The Role of Graphene in the Textile Industry
    Oct 08, 2019 | ACS MATERIAL LLC

    Graphene is the new “wonder material” of 2019. Along with having lightweight and amazing thermal and electrical conducting properties, graphene is the strongest, thinnest, and one of the most flexible materials in the textile industry. The material is being used to manufacture the next generation of sportswear. Here is a guide detailing how graphene is being used to enhance fabrics in the textile industry.

    Graphene is derived from carbon, which is sliced into tranches. These tranches are thinner than a single human hair and are invisible to the naked eye. Graphene, comprised of one layer of carbon atoms, is 200 times stronger than steel, non-toxic, non-cytotoxic, and hypoallergenic. This makes graphene a highly versatile material, one that is especially popular in sport and athletic textile industries.

    The Role of Graphene in the Textile Industry

    Smart Clothing

    Athletic apparel companies, among many others, are working with graphene suppliers to create graphene enhanced fabrics. These fabrics can be fashioned into clothing and gear that provide elevated comfort and agility to the wearer. Thus, graphene in sporting apparel can help improve your athletic performance and competitiveness significantly.

    At the same time, graphene manufacturers have developed a type of graphene ink that can also be incorporated into clothing. This innovative graphene ink is being used to create smart athletic clothing that allows users to monitor their performance and health, including heart rate and optimum movements. Additionally, there are developments in progress to improve carbon fiber composites with graphene, which could be highly useful in sports equipment such as ski jackets and trousers for example.

    Graphene’s thermal properties have revolutionized the sport and athletic textile industry. The material acts as a filter between your skin and the environment, expelling heat in warmer weather and preserving and evenly distributing body heat in colder climates. Graphene enhanced fabrics have the potential to reinforce the natural way in which we adjust our body temperature, all while remaining breathable and comfortable.   

    Superb Support

    Several textile companies around the world are utilizing graphene and technology provided by a graphene supplier, to create athletic apparel. Their products can evenly distribute heat from warmer parts of your body to areas that are colder through a circuit. This allows the body to redirect the energy usually required for regulating body temperature towards improving athletic performance. As an added benefit, the best graphene suppliers have helped create super thin and super lightweight fabrics that are as comfortable as they are effective. These materials have the potential to increase muscle performance and even correct posture during regular and rigorous exercise or training sessions, which can even help decrease the chances of getting injured.  

    Advanced Properties

    Graphene in the Textile Industry

    Some of the best graphene suppliers are working on developing a textile fiber that combines graphene with polymers at room temperature. The process ultimately adds antibacterial, anti-static, and heat preserving properties to textiles made from it. This advanced graphene fiber material is being used to make clothing, sportswear, and underwear for clothing companies around the world. Graphene ink is an excellent alternative to traditional metal sensors in clothing and other products that touch your skin. The hypoallergenic properties of the ink works directly with your body without causing allergies.

    If you want to know more ways graphene is being used in the textile industry, contact ACS Material LLC or visit our website today. 

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