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Nanowire Series Products

All nanowire series products offer a multitude of possibilities for research and development, as well as both practical and novel usage in modern production and manufacturing. [+] Read more

  1. Silver Nanowire (500mg)

    Silver Nanowire (500mg)

    As low as $240.00 $0.00
  2. Copper Nanowire in Water (1g)

    Copper Nanowire in Water (1g)

    As low as $420.00 $0.00
  3. Copper Nanowire (50-200nm), 1g

    Copper Nanowire (50-200nm), 1g

    As low as $420.00 $0.00
  4. SiC Nanowire

    SiC Nanowire

    As low as $168.00 $0.00
  5. Zinc Oxide Nanowire

    Zinc Oxide Nanowire

    As low as $336.00 $0.00
  6. TiO2 Nanowire

    TiO2 Nanowire

    As low as $540.00 $0.00