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Copper Nanowire (50-200nm), 1g

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The diameter of copper nanowire is about 150nm‚ and the length is in the range of 1-10 micron

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CAS No.: 7440-50-8 (copper), 64-17-5 (ethanol); 7789-20-0 (water)

ACS Material is a leading supplier of nanomaterials to laboratories and innovative companies around the world. Our copper nanowire dispersed in ethanol has exceptional shape memory properties, can be used to create low-cost transparent conductors, and is ideal for a number of other applications, including the following:

  • Optical: solar, medical imaging, surface enhanced spectroscopy, optical limiters
  • Conductive: high-intensity LEDs‚ touchscreens‚ conductive adhesives‚ sensors
  • Antimicrobial: air & water purification‚ bandages‚ films‚ food preservation‚ clothing
  • Chemical & Thermal: catalysts‚ pastes‚ conductive adhesives‚ polymers, chemical vapor sensors

The diameter of copper nanowire is about 150nm and the length is in the range of 10-30 microns. It’s made to conform to the highest standards of quality and purity. When you buy copper nanowire and other nanomaterials from ACS Material, you can be certain you’re getting the finest product at the best possible price.

Key features of the Copper Nanowire:

Product Name

Copper Nanowire


Red suspension


50-200 nm


10-30 µm


~10 mg/ml





*ACS can also provide it in water dispersion. Contact us for more information.

SEM Image of Copper Nanowire in Ethanol -- ACS Material

SEM Image of Copper Nanowire -- ACS Material

SEM Image of Copper Nanowire in Ethanol -- ACS Material

SEM Image of Copper Nanowire -- ACS Material


Optical Applications: Solar; Medical imaging; Surface enhanced spectroscopy; Optical limiters
Conductive Applications: High-intensity LEDs‚ Touch screens‚ Conductive adhesives‚ Sensors
Anti-microbial Applications: Air & water purification‚ Bandages‚ Films‚ Food preservation‚ Clothing
Chemical & Thermal: Catalysts‚ Pastes‚ Conductive adhesives‚ Polymers; Chemical vapor sensors


Sealed and keep refrigerated at 4oC. Shelf Life is one month under proper storage and recommend using it as soon as possible.


It’s normal that copper nanowire may precipitate in the bottle. Please sonicate it at 300W for a maximum of 3mins before use. If you use 600-800W, please keep the sonication time under 1mins. Gently stirring it may also help.


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