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Deiodination ZSM-5 during acetic acid production

Feb-01-2012 | ACS MATERIAL LLC

Vinyl acetate is an important downstream product of acetic acid. However, the trace of iodine (about 5× 10-8 wt ) in acetic acid must be removed for the preparation of vinyl acetate.

Our company has developed a new adsorbent  which can  efficiently remove the trace iodine in acetic acid, acetic acid. The acetic acid After removal of iodine in iodine content (mass fraction) down to (1 ~ 5) × 10-9 can be meet the requirements for raw materials of vinyl acetate.

USE:  Remove trace iodine from acetic acid produced by oxo synthesis. The de-iodinized acetic acid is suitable for making ethyl acetate.

Shape: sphere with diameter 0.50.8 mm;

Strength: 8 N;

Chemical Composition: Molar ratio of SiO2/Al2O3 = 1020; Ag 7%;

Function: After treatment with the adsorbent, the content of iodine in acetic acid can be reduced to lower than 10 ppb from 50 ppb in raw acetic acid;

Life time: 300 d.