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Silver Nanowire-as an ITO Alternative

Nov-13-2011 | ACS MATERIAL LLC

Silver nanowires (Silver NWs) have been attracting more and more attention because of their intriguing electrical, thermal, and optical properties. Silver has the highest electrical conductivity (6.3 × 107 S/m) among all the metals, by virtue which Ag NWs are considered as very promising candidates in flexible electronics. Therefore Silver NWs transparent conductive film is a promising alternative to ITO (the most commonly used materials are doped metallic oxides, mainly indium tin oxide). Silver NWs has been reported to have the potential to surpass and replace ITO, and displaying excellent durability, high deflection, low resistance and excellent durability crossed dot, etc.

 After three years' research on the preparation and applications, ACS Material can supply  several kinds of silver nanowires, diameter from 60 nm to 300nm, and the largest concentration is up to 55mg/ml. The solvents include Ethanol, IPA , Water and others.

Products Average Diameter/nm Average Length/m

Ag Purity (%)

Concentration (mg/ml)
Agnws-60 60 20 ~96 20
Agnws-120 120 20 ~96 20
Agnws-200 200 25 ~96 20
Agnws-300 300 30 ~96 20
Agnws-400 400 30 ~96 20

Dispersion: In water, or alcohol

Concentration:The standard concentration is 20mg/ml, and we can provide this product with a concentration up to 55mg/ml.