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Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

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Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Instrument Model

NT-MDT Prima, Bruker Dimension Edge, Bruker Dimension ICON, Agilent 5500

Test Content

Morphology, PFM, EFM, KPFM,


Sample Type



1. Sample requirements:

(1) For film/bulk sample:

  • Length/Width: 0.5-3 cm; Thickness: 0.1-1 cm;
  • Surface Roughness: < 5 μm
  • Please mark the test surface.

(2) For powder series sample:

Type of Powder series

Required Weight Per Sample


≥ 20 mg, particle size < 5 μm

Powder in solvent

≥ 1 mL

Powder prepared on silicon slice

Length/Width: 0.5-3 cm

2. Powder sample preparation instructions: The powder is dispersed in XX solvent (usually ethanol or deionized water) and dropped onto the mica sheet/silicon slice for drying.

3. Please download and print the order form and send it with the sample after the order is completed.

4. All samples are non-returnable and please contact us if you have special requests.

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