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BET Specific Surface Area Analysis

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BET Specific Surface Area Analysis

Instrument Model

Mike2020, MikeASAP2460, Mike TriStar II 3flex, Quantachrome AUTOSORB IQ, Quantachrome QUADRASORB SI

Test Content

Mesoporous/Microporous/Macroporous Materials Pore Size Distribution,
Specific Surface Area Analysis

Sample Type


Lead Time

2-3 weeks


1. Sample requirements: (If the amount of sample is insufficient, the accuracy of the result cannot be guaranteed, and we do NOT offer Free re-testing.)

1) For bulk/film sample: length/width/thickness < 5 mm.

2) For powder sample:

  • If SSA>500 m2/g, please provide >100 mg.
  • If SSA<100 m2/g, please provide >200 mg.
  • If SSA<10 m2/g, please provide >0.5~1 g.
  • You can also use this formula to determine the required weight per sample.

Sample Weight (g) = 15 / SSA

3) If you do not know SSA, please prepare the sample based on the list below.

Pore Size

Sample Amount Need to Provide

Macropore and Micropore

>100 mg


>250 mg

2. Please grind your sample before shipping to us. Generally, the particle size should be less than 3 mm. The test condition is N2-77 K. Please contact our staff if you need further assistance.

3. Please use centrifuge tubes for your powder samples.

4. All samples are non-returnable and please contact us if you have special requests.

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