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Dielectric Barrier Discharge Experiment Device

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Dielectric Barrier Discharge Experiment Device

The dielectric barrier discharge experiment device:

  1. HV terminal stud for upper electrode
  2. Air gap adjusting and set screw for dielectric barrier discharge
  3. 3 Mounting slot for upper dielectric slab
  4. Terminal stud for lower electrode of ground wire
  5. Press handle for installation of upper dielectric slab
  6. Guide rod
  7. Upper electrode
  8. Lower electrode

Product Specifications

Product Name

Dielectric Barrier Discharge Experiment Device



Surface discharge (Diameter)


Electrode Adjustable Distance


*Only works with Models: CTP-2000K, CTP-2000K/P and CTP-2000K/L. For CTP-2000K/S, this model will require a customized DBD reactor.

Application Examples

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