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Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy/Mass Spectrometry (ICP-OES/MS)

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Test Method

Inductively Coupled Plasma-

Optical Emission Spectroscopy


Inductively Coupled Plasma-

Mass Spectrometry


Instrument Model

PerkinElmer 8300, PerkinElmer ICP 2100, ICAP7400, PerkinElmer Optima 5300 DV, OPTIMA 8000

PerkinElmer NexION 300X, iCAP6300

Test Content

PPM (ug/mL) Component Analysis

PPB (ng/mL) Component Analysis

Sample Type



Lead Time

2~3 weeks

2~3 weeks

Detectable elements:

1. Sample Requirements:
  No pretreatment needed at ACS:
Provide 10 mL clear solution in water which is neutral to acidic without F ions and  without organics.
  Needs pretreatment at ACS:
  • For powder and bulk sample: Provide >100 mg;
  • For liquid sample: Provide 5-10 mL, please contact us if it contains organic solvents.
2. It is recommended to note the relevant information of the sample when completing the order form, we will perform the pretreatment based on given information to ensure the accuracy of the results.

3. Please download and print the order form and send it with the sample after the order is completed.

4. All samples are non-returnable and please contact us if you have special requests.

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