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Laboratory Mini Hot Press

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Laboratory Mini Hot Press

Product Detail

Product Overview

Our QixingTM Laboratory Mini Hot Press with integral hydraulic system and high technology options are optimized production press models adapted to precision laboratory requirements. The overall size are minimized and total weight is significantly reduced from metric tons to ~85kg by using titanium aluminum alloy instead of cast iron. It’s easy to move, install, operate and maintain. Recommended for hot pressing of polymer composite materials to prepare plastic sheet, dumbbell bar, straight and notted bar, vertical combustion sample, oxygen index spline, etc., which can be used for testing the mechanical properties of the materials.


Product Features

  • Light weighted (~85kg), easy to move
  • Mini size, less space occupation ( area of a 15inch notebook)
  • Special stainless steel protection, waterproof
  • Build-up machine and replaceable parts, easy to install and maintain
  • High security using manual pressure control
  • One joint only, high-pressure sealing and oil-leak free
  • One machine for multiple purposes, capable of making dumbbell samples, impact notch samples, etc., can save the punching machine, universal prototype machine
  • Water cooling, smooth samples with shortened sample preparation time

Product Specifications

Product Name

QixingTM Laboratory Mini Hot Press



Model #


Clamp Force (Ton/Mpa)


Ram Stroke (mm)


Platen Size (mm)




Temperature Display Accuracy

+/-1 %

Temperature Range (°C)


Voltage Supply (V)

110 or 220

Unit Dimensions

W x D x H (mm)


Weight (kg)


Power (KW)


Photo of a Sample Prepared by QixingTM Laboratory Mini Hot Press

A polycaprolactone(PCL)-Starch composites sheet (100*100mm) prepared by Model # R32022020 and dumbbell bars obtained via dumbbell cutter.

(Prototype sample of 63.5*9.53 mm, ASTM 638 Type V standard)

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