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Miniature Booster Tube Furnace

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Miniature Booster Tube Furnace

Product Detail

Product Overview

Integrated design of the mini-assisted tubular furnace body and intelligent temperature control system. It includes 30 sections of heating and cooling curves, and the temperature control accuracy reaches 1℃. The furnace is made of alumina polycrystalline fiber material with good thermal insulation effect, double-layer shell design, air cooling system, surface temperature below 60℃, and can work in various atmospheres. Widely used in universities, research institutes and industrial and mining enterprises, such as atmosphere sintering, reduction, vacuum annealing and other scientific research and production work.

Product Features

  • Advantages of fast heating speed.
  • Low surface temperature and energy saving.
  • With over-temperature and power-off protection function.

Product Specifications

Product Name

Miniature Booster Tube Furnace



Maximum Temperature


Heating Rate


Temperature Control Accuracy


Configuration Furnace Tube Size

φ Φ30*500mm (maximum φ 50)

Furnace Size


Length of Heating Zone


Constant Temperature Zone Length


Rated Power


Adaptive Power Supply

AC220V 50/60HZ

Outline Dimension


Application Fields

The Miniature Booster Tube Furnace is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, pesticide, scientific research, and other industries. It is the chemical process of polymerization, condensation, vulcanization, alkylation, hydrogenation and so on.

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