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NSI Intelligent Quick-Opening Magnetic Stirring Reactor

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Magnetic Stirring Reactor

Product Detail

Product Overview

NSI Intelligent Quick-Open Magnetic Stirring Reactor combines magnetic stirring vessel, heating furnace, and intelligent temperature controller into one unit. It features a 7-inch high-definition touchscreen for easy control of temperature, speed, and internal pressure, with a USB communication interface. It allows real- time recording of temperature, speed, pressure, and other parameters during the reaction process, generating reports that can be downloaded via a USB drive or fed into a computer for real time monitoring and analysis.

Product Features

  • Safety Design - The main body of the machine is processed with integrated molding to ensure a sturdy structure. It adopts a tenon-groove type main sealing structure, providing reliable sealing performance. It is equipped with an automatic power-off function in case of overheating, effectively avoiding safety issues caused by excessive temperature. The overpressure buzzing alarm system promptly alerts users to deal with overpressure situations. American Swagelok needle valve for air inlet and outlet control. The dual protection of Fitok safety valve and customized bursting valve further enhances safety.

  • Efficiency - The equipment features a quick-opening structure, facilitating fast operation and maintenance. Equipped with assisted disassembly and assembly tools, it simplifies the disassembly process and improves work efficiency. The 7-inch large and sensitive touch screen and the concise and intuitive user interface make operation more convenient and straightforward. Equipped with a USB data download interface, it allows users to quickly export data for subsequent analysis.

  • Convenience - The equipment adopts integrated and compact design, making it more convenient to operate. It features a customized coating V-type valve stem lightweight needle valve. While ensuring safety, it maximizes the reduction of the weight of the reactor.

  • Precision - The product adopts intelligent PID temperature control mode, enabling precise temperature control and providing a stable reaction environment. The digital display and stepless stirring speed adjustment function allow free adjustment and regulation of the stirring speed as needed. The embedded heating module with faster heat transfer enhances heating efficiency and improves the precision of the reaction.

Product Specifications

Product Name

NSI Intelligent Quick-Opening Magnetic Stirring Reactor



Power Supply

200 - 240 V/AC 50 - 60 Hz

*Design Volume


Maximum Temperature


Heating Method

Embedded Stainless Steel Heating Module

Heating Power


Stirring Speed

400-1400rpm (adjustable)

Stirring Method

Built-in Magnetic Stirrer

Design Pressure

Standard 207bar, maximum up to 345bar (optional)

Reactor Material

316L Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C-276, etc. (optional)

Intelligent Micro Reactor Controller

Over- temperature automatic power-off, Over-pressure buzzer alarm, Rotation Speed, Pressure Control, and USB Interface, 7-inch touch screen

Customizable Options

Sampling Device, Reactor Cooling Coil, Pressure Feeding System, etc.



*Also available in volumes: 25mL, 50mL, 100mL, 1000mL.

Application Fields

NSI intelligent quick-open magnetic stirring reactor is widely used in various fields such as laboratory research, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, biotechnology, petroleum, and chemical industry. It is used for applications such as chemical synthesis, catalytic reactions, small-scale experiments, pilot-scale stages, preparation of food additives, and catalyst research. It provides flexible and controllable solutions for small-scale reactions and mixing, offering convenience and support for research and production in various industries.

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