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PressPro™ Vacuum Automatic Hot Press Machine

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PressPro™ Vacuum Automatic Hot Press Machine

Product Detail

Product Composition

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Product Features

Based on the automatic hot press machine, this new tool has been developed to conduct hot press experiments on samples in a vacuum environment. The close integration of the hot press plate with the vacuum chamber (or vacuum glove box) allows the vacuum degree to reach -0.1MPa, meeting the experimental requirements of users in a vacuum environment.

Product Specifications

Product Name

PressPro™ Vacuum Automatic Hot Press Machine





Pressure Range


0-30T / 0.01t

Pressurization Method

Automatic pressurization / automatic gradual pressurization

Sample Pressure Process

Automatic pressurization – Automatic pressure holding – Precise pressure compensation – Timed pressure release

Pressurization Stages

5 stages

Pressurization Time

Unlimited seconds, configurable per stage

Mold Pressure Conversion

Real-time automatic calculation of sample pressure (MPa)

Control Interface

7-inch touch LCD screen (remote control optional)

Pressure display - Temperature control system – Data management system

Vacuum Degree


Temperature Control System

Programmable with 5-stage heating – Automatic heating and insulation – Natural cooling

Insulation Time

Unlimited seconds, configurable per stage

Hot Pressing Plate Type

Dual flat plate heating and pressing, upper plate suspended by threaded rod/polished surface plate.

Heating Temperature

Room temperature to 300℃ (0.1℃ increments)

Heating Core Material


Hot Pressing Plate Cooling Method

Natural cooling (optionally available with air/water cooling chiller)

Insulation Method

Imported insulation plate

Pressure Safety Configuration

Automatic pressure release when the system pressure exceeds the safety value + emergency stop switch

High-temperature Safety Configuration

When mold temperature exceeds 50℃, temperature controller automatically signals “Caution: Hot Surface”

Power Supply

220V (50Hz/60Hz) with leakage protector

Hot Pressing Plate Size





W 180×65 mm

W 200×65 mm

W 300×65 mm

Maximum Power

2200W (900W*2+100W+300W)






Configuration Description

This is a custom product on demand.

Includes 1 main machine.

Optional vacuum pump.


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