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RheoPro™ Film Drawing Machine

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RheoPro™ Film Drawing Machine

Product Detail

Product Overview

The RheoPro™ Film Drawing Machine, utilizing precision extrusion and high-performance casting molding technology, is suitable for various polymer materials like PE, PP, TPE, PC, EVA, and PVC, and composite materials. It offers a precision and high-performance solution for laboratory film preparation, especially for new functional films.

Product Features

  • Smaller Samples – Utilizes only a fraction of material compared to conventional film development, making it ideal for new formulations, active pharmaceutical ingredients, etc.
  • Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Wide, Ultra-Long – Processes films up to 65mm wide using our air knife, achieving thickness as low as 5 µm, and accommodating extreme lengths to meet your test requirements.


  • Accelerated Film Production – Obtain representative films within minutes to expedite your screening workflow.

Product Specifications

Product Name

RheoPro™ Film Drawing Machine



Processing Film

Width 30-35mm

Thickness 0.1-0.6mm

Production Rate


Winding width

10-160mm (1mm interval)

Winding Speed Control

Max 200m/min

Transverse Guide Pitch

0.1-4mm (0.1mm interval)

Fiber Die

Diameter 0.24-1.5mm (0.25mm interval)


PLC Touch Screen Control

Voltage Supply

220-240V AC, or as required




About 35 kg

Customizable Option


Application Fields

The RheoPro™ Film Drawing Machine finds versatile applications across various fields, particularly in the realm of new material formulation research and development. Its capabilities extend to conducting material flow ductility tests and optimizing casting process parameters. The machine is well-suited to produce battery separators, functional films, and degradable plastic bags. Moreover, it plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry, contributing to the preparation of films used in medicinal applications. The machine’s adaptability makes it an asset in advancing research and production processes in these diverse sectors.

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