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XDM 500 Quad-Laser Large-Field Efficient Powder Bed Laser Melting Printer

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Product Detail

XDM 500 is a high efficiency large size printer in the XDM range. The printer is designed for customers requiring high reliability, high efficiency, large size printing. The standard configuration is 4 lasers, but customers who need increased efficiency can choose more. With large printing size, high efficiency, and low running cost, the printer is extremely suitable for high efficiency batch production in aerospace, automotive, molding, as well as 3D printing service.


Product Features
  • 4 or more laser, increased efficiency, low production cost.
  • Bidirectional coating enables high operational efficiency, essential for larger printers.
  • External collector for excess powder that becomes new feed stock, which allows for uninterrupted production.
  • Stable and reliable for long operation.
  • Large working envelope, increased production capability.
  • Optimized airflow, stable production quality.
  • Multi-laser scanning system, high production efficiency.
  • Smart control software, with process parameters fully open and editable.
  • Customizable scan path, enabling the forming process to be easy to modify and optimize.
  • Intelligent process monitoring, automated production with full data output for analysis.
  • High performance components increase reliability.

Product Specifications

Product Name

XDM 500 Powder Bed Laser Melting 3D Metal Printer



Model #

XDM 500

Building Volume (W x D x H)

500mm x 500mm x 500mm

(19 inch x 19 inch x 19 inch)

Laser System

Yb Fibre Laser (IPG), Quad (4 x 500W)

Min. Focus Diameter

Approx. 85μm

Optic System

F-theta lens, high-speed and high-precision scanners

Build Rate

up to 120cm3/h

Layer Thickness

20μm - 100μm

Filter System

Flow rate up to 990m3/h

Power Supply

AC 380V/50Hz, 32kVA

Unit Dimensions W x D x H

5150mm × 3865mm × 3785mm

(203 inch x 153 inch x 150 inch)


approx. 12000kg

(approx. 26456lbs)


XDM IntelliSlice, XDM IntelliProc®,

XDM IntelliMake®, XDM STATE


Tool steel, Stainless steel, High-temperature alloys, Titanium alloy, Cobalt-chromium alloy, Aluminum alloy

Please consult with sales for available materials and datasheet

Sample of 3D-Printed Multi-Way Joint

Sample of 3D-Printed Downhole Tool

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