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  • Titanium Silicalite-1

    Research Citations of ACS Material Products

    1. Mukherjee, Mitrajit. Process of Making Olefins or Alkylate by Reaction of Methanol and/or DME or by Reaction of Methanol and/or DME and Butane.
  • SSZ-13 Zeolite


    1. Is the SSZ-13 a chabasite zeolite?

    Yes, it is CHA type zeolite.

  • Silicon nanoparticles


    1. What dispersants can be used to disperse Silicon Nanoparticles? Silicon nanoparticles can be dipersed in water or ethanol.

    2. Which solvent can be used to dissolve Silicon Nanoparticles? You will need to ultrasonicate it with 40% hydrofluoric acid.