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FlashVolt™ Joule Heating System

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Joule Heating System

Product Detail

ACS Material LLC is pleased to introduce our advanced ultrafast joule heating (UJH) equipment, also referred to as flash joule heating or shockwave heating apparatus. This innovative approach enables the rapid heating of materials to exceptionally high temperatures within milliseconds. It works by passing a current through a resistive material, which rapidly converts the electricity to heat—thousands of Kelvins in 0~10 seconds. The FlashVolt™ Joule Heating System opens many exciting possibilities as it allows materials to be heated much faster and to extremely high temperatures than traditional methods. 

UJH has been used for many specialized applications, such as sintering ceramics, synthesizing metallic glasses, and welding carbon nanofibers. It’s also used to synthesize large-scale 2D materials, such as transition metal dichalcogenides, an emerging class of materials for use in transistors, solar cells, and catalyst applications. 

 Fig. 1 - Image of the FlashVolt™ Joule Heating System


Product Specifications

Product Name

FlashVolt™ Joule Heating System

Power Supply

Three-Phase 208V/56A

Output Voltage


Output Current


Current Ramp Time


Data Acquisition Cycle


Data Communication Mode


Data Collection Mode

Touch Screen

Data Control Mode

Touch Screen

Data Collection Content

Real-time Temperature, Real-time Voltage, and

Real-time Current.

Clamping Electrode

Adjustable distance type

Highest Temperature


Long-term Insulation*


Temperature Measurement Method and Range (Two Sizes Available)

Monochromatic temperature measurement; 250-2000ºC (wavelength 1.6um); 700-3000ºC (wavelength 1.0um)

Probe Cooling Mode


Vacuum Chamber

SS304 stainless steel, square,

Φ16mm observation window, sapphire window, volume 400ml

Air Circuit Device

2-way intake, 1-way vacuum, and 1-way exhaust.

Vacuum Pump

VRD-4 (Vacuum pump values can be directly controlled on the Joule Heating System’s Touch Screen)

Sample Table Material

Ink boat, graphite paper, graphite tube, carbon paper, etc.

Size of Metal Sample (customizable)


Sample Test Volume

About 500MG (Specific gravity1)

Overall Dimensions

About 650*850*1100mm (host machine)


Equipped with cooling-water machine (2P) and Vacuum Pump

*The long-term maximum temperature achievable by different sample stages is inconsistent and if unnecessary, long-term high-temperature use is not recommended.



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