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Thermal Test of 2D Materials (Room Temperature to 77 K)

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tens of nm to sub-nm thick; Room Temperature to 77 K

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ACS Material Thermal Testing Services

  • Thermal Conductivity (κ);
  • Interface Thermal Resistance (Rth)


Test Service Thermal Conductivity; Interface Thermal Resistance
Sample Free Standing/Suspended or Supported 2D Materials 1,4
Test Method Raman Technique etc. 2
Temperature Range Room Temperature or Room Temperature to 77K
Lead Time 2-4 weeks 2,3

 Schematic of Typical Thermal Testing Method_Raman

Schematic of Typical Thermal Testing method


1. Sample Requirements: 

    • Thickness: ~ tens of nm to sub-nm thickness
    • Size: >3 micron for supported 2D Material; >6 micron for free standing/suspended 2D Material
    • Quantity: 2 samples

2. Reference only and it may vary from sample to sample.

3. Normally, Room Temperature to 77K measurement has a longer lead time.

4. All samples are non-returnable and contact us if you have special requests.


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