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3D Freestanding Graphene Foam

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3D Mulitilayer Freestanding Graphene Foam

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CAS No.: 7440-44-0


Total thickness ~0.5mm
Graphene thickness ~30-40nm
Pore density 110ppi
Porosity 98%




1. What is the average pore size?

The average pore size is about ~0.2mm

2. What are the number of layers of graphene?

The graphene layers are from a few layers to dozens of layers. Generally if the layers are too thin, then it will collapse.

3. Has this foam used for the synthesis of metal-graphene composites? 

Yes, this foam has been used and can do metal-graphene composite preparation, but kindly note that many specific experiments may need their own assessment depending on the application. 

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