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3D Freestanding Graphene Foam

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3D Mulitilayer Freestanding Graphene Foam

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CAS No.: 7440-44-0


Total thickness ~0.5mm
Graphene thickness ~30-40nm
Pore density 110ppi
Porosity 98%




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1. What is the average pore size?

The average pore size is about ~0.2mm

2. What are the number of layers of graphene?

The graphene layers are from a few layers to dozens of layers. Generally if the layers are too thin, then it will collapse.

3. Has this foam used for the synthesis of metal-graphene composites? 

Yes, this foam has been used and can do metal-graphene composite preparation, but kindly note that many specific experiments may need their own assessment depending on the application. 

4. What is the thickness of Ni wire substrate used? 

The thickness of the nickel foam substrate is 1mm thick.

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