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Aminated Graphene Octadecylamine covalently linked

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Reduced Graphene Oxide-NH-(CH2)17-CH3

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5


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Reduced Graphene Oxide-NH-(CH2)17-CH3

FTIR Spectroscopy: Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR)

Assignment (cm-1): 2915‚ 2846‚ 1538 and 1465.

SEM images for Reduced Graphene Oxide-NH-(CH2)17-CH3


XRD pattern of rGO and rGO-NH-(CH2)17-CH3. The peak at 2θ = 5.1º is related to the longer interplanar distance of graphene due to octadecylamine chains.


Binding energies (eV) and deconvoluted peaks (%) for C1s‚ O1s and N core levels.

Elemental Analysis

Solid-state 13C NMR

Distribution of rGO-NH-(CH2)17-CH3 (left) and graphene oxide (right) in a mixture of water (up) and dichloromethane (down) showing hydrophobicity of rGO-NH-(CH2)17-CH3.

Amount of ODA
In order to estimate the amount of octadecylamine chains in rGO-NH-(CH2)17-CH3 a reaction with 4-bromobenzyl chloride was performed and the Br amount was quantified by the Schöniger flask test. The value obtained corresponds to 0.1 mmol of octadecylamine/g.

Conductivity of pressed pellets of rGO-NH-(CH2)17-CH3 is 6.36 S/m. 


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1. Is this product made from graphene or graphene oxide? 

The aminated graphene octadecylamine covalently linked is made of graphene oxide.


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