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Beta Zeolite

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Beta Zeolite‚ Powder‚ 0.55-0.70nm pore

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CAS No.: 1318-02-1

Beta zeolite is one of the first zeolites discovered and was named prior to Mobil’s use of the “ZSM” naming sequence. Beta zeolite has a complex structure consisting of an intergrowth of two distinct structures, polymorph A and polymorph B. Both polymorphs contain a three-dimensional network of 12-ring pores. Each polymorph grows as a two-dimensional sheet, and the sheets within beta zeolite randomly alternate between the two polymorphs. The intergrowth of the polymorphs has little effect on the pores in two of the dimensions, but in the faulting direction, the pores are tortuous rather than blocked.

Beta zeolites are in wide use in the reduction of VOC, N2O, and NOx, industrial gas purification, and automotive emission control. They are also ideal for upgrading fuel, producing petrochemical intermediaries, and for procession various chemicals. In addition, beta zeolites are especially useful in adsorbent applications, such as active carbon replacement and odor removal.

ACS Material offers beta zeolite powder in two aluminosilicate formulations. Contact us today for exact product specifications and details.

Preparation Method

Hydrothermal Method



Product Description

Pore Diameter SiO2/Al2O3 SSA



Crystallinity Form Pack New SKU#:
MSZB0101 Beta Zeolite‚ Powder 0.55-0.70nm ~40 ~500m2/g <0.1 >95% H+ 20g MSZB0112
MSZB0102 Beta Zeolite‚ Powder 0.55-0.70nm ~40 ~500m2/g <0.1 >95% H+ 100g MSZB0121
MSZB0103 Beta Zeolite‚ Powder 0.55-0.70nm ~40 ~500m2/g <0.1 >95% H+ 1Kg MSZB0131
MSZB0201 Beta Zeolite‚ Powder 0.55-0.70nm ~150 ~500m2/g <0.1 >95% H+ 20g MSZB0212
MSZB0202 Beta Zeolite‚ Powder 0.55-0.70nm ~150 ~500m2/g <0.1 >95% H+ 100g MSZB0221
MSZB0203 Beta Zeolite‚ Powder 0.55-0.70nm ~150 ~500m2/g <0.1 >95% H+ 1Kg MSZB0231

This product is calcined and ready to use directly.

MSZB0201 / MSZB0212, MSZB0202 / MSZB0221, MSZB0203 / MSZB0231 have been discontinued.

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1. What is the particle size of the Beta Zeolite?

Our Beta Zeolite product has a particle size of 20-30nm.

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