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CVD Graphene on Copper Foil (Graphene Factory)

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Large size graphene on copper, 6" x 6"

Product Detail

 CAS No.: 7782-42-5 (graphene), 7440-50-8 (copper)

1. Preparation Method

CVD Method

2. Characterizations


Monolayer CVD Graphene (Graphene Factory)


> 97%

Graphene Coverage

100% with sporadic adlayers

FET Mobility*

>2700 cm2/ (V∙s)

Sheet Resistance*

430 ± 50 Ω/sq

Grain Size

>40 μm

Raman D/G Ratio

Indistinguishable to 0.03

Copper Foil

25 μm thick 

** Standard products have graphene on both sides of the copper foil. ACS Material can provide single-sided types and please contact us for more information.  

** ACS Material can also provide multilayer CVD Graphene on Copper made by CVD Method and multilayer CVD Graphene on SiO2/Si/Quartz/PET  by PMMA method. Order Now >>


Optical Image of ACS Material Graphene Factory

Typical Optical Image of ACS Material Monolayer CVD Graphene (Graphene Factory)

Raman of ACS Material Graphene Factory 

Typical Raman Spectrum of ACS Material Monolayer CVD Graphene (Graphene Factory)

* The indicated product metrics are generic to our transfer process. For all graphene-on-copper products, the displayed range represents electronic data that we have obtained using our in-house transfer capabilities to transfer graphene to SiO2. Your own mobility and sheet resistance numbers will depend entirely on the transfer methods that you use, and the resultant quality of your transfers.

3. Application Fields

1) Catalyst
2) Supercapacitors
3) Solar energy
4) Graphene semiconductor chips
5) Conductive graphene film
6) Graphene computer memory
7) Biomaterials
8) Transparent conductive coatings

4. User Instruction

1) To ensure the maximum shelf life of your graphene sample, it is best stored under vacuum or in inert atmosphere (Argon or Nitrogen) conditions once the vacuum sealed package has been opened.

2) The plastic packaging substrate makes a great surface for cutting your large graphene sheet into smaller pieces. The best tools for cutting the foil are a rolling blade or a sharp scalpel blade. Please recycle your substrates when they are no longer needed!