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CVD Method Monolayer WS2

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CAS-No.: 12138-09-9 (WS2); 60676-86-0 (SiO2); 1344-28-1 (Al2O3); 1344-28-1 (Sapphire)

CVD method monolayer WS2 is a promising member of the 2-D graphene-like materials series at ACS Material. WS2 is a member of the transition metal dichalcogenide group and is also commonly known as tungsten sulfide and tungsten (IV) sulfide. Among 2-D materials with tailored morphologies designed to enhance their performance in nanoelectronics, WS2 stands out as a particularly promising candidate.

WS2 monolayer films demonstrate superior optical properties, indicated by exceptional line widths and photoluminescent quantum yield. In addition, WS2 monolayer films exhibit large spin-orbit coupling and larger valence band splitting, leading many researchers to believe that WS2 monolayer films may exhibit exceptional band-edge spin splittings, a strong valley Hall effect, and the magnetic field effects necessary for optoelectronic and spintronic functionalities.

High-quality tungsten disulfide monolayer film from ACS Material is available as a CVD-grown film on sapphire, Al2O3, or SiO2 substrates. Potential applications include transistors, sensors, and other electronic and photovoltaic devices; whatever your purposes, you’ll be impressed with the performance and consistent quality of CVD method monolayer WS2 provided by ACS Material.

1. Preparation Method

CVD Method

2. Characterizations




9 mm*9 mm


0.6-0.8 nm

Diameter range:

20-50 μm

 Typical Microscope Image (2) of ACS Material Monolayer WS2 on SiO2 (20-50μm)

Typical Microscope Image of ACS Material Monolayer WS2 on SiO2 (20-50μm) 

 Typical Optical Spectrum Image of ACS Material Monolayer WS2 on SiO2 (20-50μm)

Typical Optical Spectrum Image of ACS Material Monolayer WS2 on SiO2 (20-50μm)

3. Application Fields

An excellent device material for studying the number of layers and fluorescence effects.


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