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CVD Method Monolayer WSe2

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CAS-No.: 12067-46-8 (WSe2); 60676-86-0 (SiO2)

CVD monolayer WSe2 on SiO2 substrate is just one of many advanced 2-D materials prepared and provided by ACS Material. WSe2 is also known by several other names, including:

  • Tungsten selenide
  • Tungsten diselenide
  • Tungsten (IV) selenide

Tungsten selenide is a member of the group-VI transition metal dichalcogenides, an important class of inorganic two-dimensional materials used in a variety of applications, including photovoltaics, lithium-ion batteries, and FETs, to name a few. WSe2’s most distinguishing feature is its low thermal conductivity; this stability makes it an efficient semiconductor and an excellent candidate for improving solar cell technology. Monolayers of WSe2 are virtually transparent. Studies have demonstrated that 95% of incident light passes through WSe2 film and the remaining is converted to electricity. Adjacent metal electrodes can change the material from p-type to n-type, allowing potential devices to have tunable band gaps and to be able to produce varying LED colors with just one material. WSe2’s low thermal conductivity results in a very efficient system.

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1. Preparation Method

CVD Method

2. Characterizations




9 mm*9 mm


0.6-0.8 nm

Diameter range:

20-50 μm

 Typical Microscope Image of ACS Material Monolayer WSe2 on SiO2 (20-50μm)

Typical Microscope Image of ACS Material Monolayer WSe2 on SiO2 (20-50μm)

3. Application Fields

An excellent device material for studying the number of layers and fluorescence effects.


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