Double-Pass AAO (5p/Pack)

Double-Pass AAO (5p/Pack)

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CAS No.: 1344-28-1

Types of Double-Pass AAO Templates

SKU Aperture Hole Depth

Hole Cycle

(Interpore distance)

Circular (DIA)
A2010011 50nm 50-70µm 110nm 1.2 cm
A2020011 70nm 50-70µm 110nm 1.2 cm
A2030011 90nm 50-70µm 110nm 1.2 cm
A2041011 200nm 50-70µm 450nm 1.2 cm
A2051011 300nm 50-70µm 450nm 1.2 cm
A2061011 400nm 50-70µm 450nm 1.2 cm
A2010021 50nm 50-70µm 110nm 2.5 cm
A2020021 70nm 50-70µm 110nm 2.5 cm
A2030021 90nm 50-70µm 110nm 2.5 cm
A2041021 200nm 50-70µm 450nm 2.5 cm
A2051021 300nm 50-70µm 450nm 2.5 cm
A2061021 400nm 50-70µm 450nm 2.5 cm

Double-Pass AAO Templates Circular‚ Aperture 50nm or 100nm.

Double-Pass AAO Templates Circular‚ Aperture 200nm or 300nm.

SEM Photo 1 for AAO Templates Cross Section

SEM Photo 2 for AAO Templates Cross Section

SEM Photo 1 for AAO Templates

SEM Photo for AAO Templates

SEM Photo 2 for AAO Templates

SEM Photo 3 for AAO Templates



1. How to dissolve/etch AAO Template?

There are two methods that we can recommend and please make the best adjustments based on your own experiments.

Slow Removal: Depends on the microstructure evolution, a slow removal of AAO layer might be preferred. This can be achieved by using 5wt% phosphate acid at 30 degrees Celsius. Usually, this process is suitable for single-pass AAO. 

Rapid removal: Use heated 3M NaOH or HCl solution, depending on your specific choice of materials.



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