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CAS No.: 7631-86-9

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FDU-12 is a three-dimensional mesoporous material with a superior 3D channel, which is ideal for mass transfer and guest molecule diffusion. It is a large-pore silica; a highly structured and face-centric cubic mesoporous material. Like other similar molecular sieve materials, FDU-12 has physical characteristics such as a well-ordered pore structure, ultra-large pore diameter (10-26nm), and high surface area that make it mechanically and thermally stable. FDU-12 is widely used in biotechnology, immobilization, separation, and adsorption as a catalyst carrier; it is well-suited to this task because of its high surface area and strictly ordered long-range pore channels. Additionally, FDU-12 has a large cage pore size and finely tuned pore diameters that help with the transfer of products and reactants.

The hydrothermically synthesized, fully calcinated FDU-12 available from ACS Material is ideally suited to a variety of applications, including adsorption, catalysis, energy storage, and the manufacturing of nanodevices. FDU-12, graphene, and other advanced nanomaterials from ACS Material are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Call today to ask about FDU-12 or any of our cutting-edge research materials.

Preparation Method

Hydrothermal Method




Ave. Pore Diameter (nm):


BET Surface Area (m2/g):


Entrance Size (nm):


Pore Volume (cm3/g):


Na2O (%):




Particle Size (μm):


This product is calcined and ready to use directly.

Typical TEM of ACS Material FDU-12

Typical TEM of ACS Material FDU-12

Application Fields

1)    Catalyst

2)    Adsorbent

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