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Fluorinated Graphene

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Graphene Powder and Nanoplatelets

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CAS-No.: 7782-42-5

Fluorinated graphene from ACS Material is an exciting product in our graphene series. Fluorinated graphene is a new graphene derivative, where the covalent C-F bonds and the sp2 to sp3 C-C bonds yield higher surface areas and greater processability than standard graphene. Fluorinated graphene is also more easily dispersed in polar solvents than graphene powders or nanoplatelets. Fluorinated graphene has a low friction coefficient and is highly durable, making it an important addition to solid and oil lubricants as well as lubricating and anti-wear coatings. It also has great potential for use in advanced nanoelectronic technologies.

ACS Material offers fluorinated graphene in powder and nanoplatelet forms. This and all our other research-grade advanced nanomaterials are manufactured using proprietary methods to meet the most stringent standards for quality, consistency, and purity. Trust ACS Material to provide the most advanced materials to help you move your research forward. Contact us today to get more information about fluorinated graphene or any of our other nanomaterials.

Preparation Method

Mixed atmosphere of high temperature heating method



A- Single Layer Graphene Powder

(made from Single Layer Graphene)

B- Multi-Layer Graphene Nanoplatelets

(made from Graphene Nanoplatelets (2-10nm))







Flake Diameter:

0.4-5 µm

2-10 µm

F wt.%:



C wt.%:



Electrical conductivity:



Fluorinated Graphene-TEM

Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Fluorinated Graphene (Type A)

Fluorinated Graphene-HRTEM 

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Fluorinated Graphene (Type A)

TEM-ACS Material-Fluorinated Graphene (Type B)

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Fluorinated Graphene (Type B)

Application Fields

1)      Interface

2)      New Nano-electronic Devices

3)      Lubricating Materials

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