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Fullerene C60

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High Purity C60

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Fullerenes were first observed in 1985 in the sooty residue left after vaporizing carbon in a helium atmosphere. The discoverers thought the icosahedral structures with exactly 60 unsaturated carbon atoms resembled geodesic domes popularized by famous architect Buckminster Fuller and named them “buckminsterfullerenes” in his honor. The name has since been shortened to “fullerene,” but they are sometimes also called “buckyballs.”

Fullerene C60’s truncated icosahedral shape has 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. Each vertex has one carbon atom and bonds along the polygon edges. Fullerene C60 has a van der Waals diameter of about 1.1 nm and a nucleus-to-nucleus diameter of about 0.71 nm. The average bond length is 1.4 angstroms, with the double bonds between the hexagons being longer that the hexagon-pentagon bonds.

Fullerenes have a variety of applications including super conductors, biomedical functions, optics, gas storage, and even cosmetics.

1. Preparation Method

     Arc-discharge Method

2. Characterizations

Product Name:

Fullerene C60 (Type A)

Fullerene C60 (Type B)







*Note: Purity is tested by HPLC.

Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Fullerene C60 (Type A)

Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Fullerene C60 (Type A)

Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Fullerene C60 (Type B)

Typical TEM Image ofACS Material Fullerene C60 (Type B)

Fullerene C60 (Type A)

Fullerene C60 (Type B)


PP At. %

Atomic %

PP At. %

Atomic %











Elemental Compositions of ACS Material Fullerene C60**

**Note: Data listed here are for reference only and they may vary from batch to batch.

3. Application Fields

1)    Cosmetic

2)    Superconducting Materials

3)    Gas Storage

4)    Optical Materials

5)    Cell protection

6)    Oxidation resistance

7)    Anticancer and others

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