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Gamma-Aluminum Oxide Nanofibers (Al2O3)

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γ- Al2O3 nanofibers

Product Detail

CAS No.: 1344-28-1

1. Preparation Method

Hydrothermal Method

2. Characterizations



Crystal Form:

γ- Al2O3

Average Particle Size:

Length: 80 nm     

Diameter: 16 nm

BET surface area:

~97 m2/g



Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Al2O3 Nanofibers 



Typical XRD Analysis of ACS Material Al2O3 Nanofibers (γ- Al2O3)



Typical BET Analysis of ACS Material Al2O3 Nanofibers


3. Application Fields

1)     High-temperature heat-insulating materials

2)     Reinforced composites

3)     Chemical resistant materials

4)     Catalyst carrier

Research Citations of ACS Material Products

  1. Ghasemi-Kahrizsangi, Salman, et al. “The influence of Al 2 O 3 nanoparticles addition on the microstructure and properties of bauxite self–flowing low-Cement castables.” Ceramics International, vol. 43, no. 12, 2017, pp. 8813–8818., doi:10.1016/j.ceramint.2017.04.013.