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Gamma-Aluminum Oxide Powder

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γ - Aluminum Oxide Powder

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CAS No.: 1344-28-1

Gamma-phase aluminum oxide nanoparticle powder from ACS Material is a high-quality, research-grade white powder prepared using our own liquid phase method. Applications for this exciting nanomaterial are varied and include:

  • Industrial catalyst. Gamma-aluminum oxide particles easily form into microporous structures with a honeycomb pattern. This morphology makes it ideal for use as an industrial catalyst, specifically in the areas of petroleum refinement, purification, and waste treatment.
  • Analytical reagent. Gamma-phase aluminum oxide has a number of properties that make it ideal for studying chemical reactions.
  • Petrochemical engineering. Recent studies have indicated that gamma-phase aluminum oxide nanoparticles show promise for enhanced oil recovery in low-salinity waterflooding situations.
  • Synthetic gem production. Thermal melting of gamma-phase aluminum oxide nanoparticles produces various synthetic gems including ruby and sapphire.
  • Ceramics. Producing ceramic membranes using gamma-phase aluminum oxide powder suggests the possibility of nanofiltration for environmental processes.


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Preparation Method

Liquid phase method





White powder

Particle Size:

10-15 nm

Surface Area:






TEM Image (1) of ACS Material γ-Al2O3

TEM Image (2) of ACS Material γ-Al2O3

TEM Image of γ-Al2O3

TEM Image (3) of ACS Material γ-Al2O3

SEM Image (4) of ACS Material γ-Al2O3

SEM Image (5) of ACS Material γ-Al2O3

XRD Image (6) of ACS Material γ-Al2O3

Application Fields

It can be used in ceramics‚ composites‚ surface protection layer materials‚ optical materials‚ catalyst and its carrier‚ the semiconductor material.

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