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Graphdiyne Monomer HEB-TMS

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CAS No.: 154702-15-5

The fascinating world of carbon allotropes just keeps getting bigger. Graphdiyne is a novel two-dimensional material and is a close cousin of other allotropes, such as carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, and graphene. In 2010, Li Yuliang successfully synthesized a high-quality graphene film on the surface of copper foil. This was accomplished using a cross-coupling reaction of a hexamethylene benzene precursor. Graphdiyne monomer HEB-TMS has strong carbon chemical bonds, wide interplanar spacing, and superior chemical stability. Its distinctive sp-sp2 carbon atoms, uniform pore distribution and size, and high π-conjugated structure make it uniquely suited for broad use across a variety of applications and industries.

Product Name:

Graphdiyne hexakis[(trimethylsilyl)-ethynyl]benzene (HEB-TMS) Monomer;

Graphdiyne Monomer HEB-TMS;  Graphdiyne HEB-TMS Monomer; GDY Monomer HEB-TMS

CAS No.:



Light Yellow Powder


Typical NMR Spectroscopy of ACS Material Graphdiyne Monomer HEB-TMS

Typical NMR Spectroscopy of ACS Material Graphdiyne Monomer HEB-TMS

Application Fields

  1. Helium Chemical and isotopic separation
  2. Water filtration and purification technologies
  3. Two-dimensional membrane
  4. Develop faster Transistors and nanoscale electronic devices
  5. Sensors and Field effect transistors (FETs)

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