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Graphene (Arc-Discharge Method)

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The arc-discharge method was first used in 1990 by Hoffman and Krastchmer in order to develop buckminsterfullerene. The arc-discharge method is used to create pure, B-doped graphene that comes in the form of soot, which is collected in the electric oven that the arc-discharge process has taken place. Graphene (arc-discharge method) from ACS Material contains carbon nanotubes that display strong physical and chemical properties, which, in turn, make for great antennas for radios, televisions, or other electromagnetic devices. Looking ahead to the future, scientists predict that carbon nanotubes created through the arc-discharge method will eventually be used in building materials. Whether it’s to strengthen the exterior of cars or provide added reinforcement to the wings of planes, graphene that’s been synthesized via the arc-discharge method is an extremely valuable material that has an endless range of benefits.

CAS-No: 7782-42-5 

1. Preparation Method

Arc Discharge Method

2. Characterizations



The monolayer thickness:

0.33 nm


1~6 L


100-200 nm

Electrical conductivity:

1000-1500 s/m

The specific surface area:

120-200 m2/g

Pore diameter:

10 nm


SEM-Graphene (Arc-Discharge Method) 

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Graphene (Arc-Discharge Method)

 TEM-Graphene (Arc-Discharge Method)

Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Graphene (Arc-Discharge Method)



3. Application Fields

1)       Batteries

2)       Supercapacitor

3)       Sensor

4)       Electronic devices

5)       Hydrogen storage materials


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