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Graphene Dispersion in NMP (Dia:1-3μm)

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Typically applied to nanodevices, biomedicines, and sensors, graphene dispersion in NMP boasts a high electrical conductivity in conjunction with incredible flexibility and strength. For those looking to improve the high rate charge-discharge capacity, graphene dispersion is well equipped to serve your various equipment well. Taking advantage of graphene’s valuable physical properties often requires scientists to disperse it into various medias. This high-quality product has been achieved through a tedious, precise dispersion process that ensures it will work well, whatever your application may be. As graphene dispersion begins to change the manufacturing world as we know it, it’s important to consider how this popular material could benefit your business going forward.

CAS No.: 7782-42-5 (graphene); 872-50-4 (NMP)

1. Preparation Method

Physical exfoliate method

2. Characterizations




Graphene Nanoplatelets



Flake Diameter













2. Application Fields

This product is graphene nanoplatelet-based oily battery slurry with high electrical conductivity. By contrast with the similar products, this product with technical advantages is metal ion free and can be widely applied in battery slurry as conductive agent to improve the high rate charge-discharge capacity.
  ●Lithium ion and nickel-hydrogen battery—as high conductive components in battery slurry.
  ●Supercapacitor —conductive reagents of the supercapacitor electrodes.
  ●Lead acid cell, solar cell and semiconductor industry.
  ●Other conductive industry

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1. What is the difference between Graphene Dispersion in NMP (Dia:1-3μm), Graphene Dispersion in NMP, and Graphene Dispersion in NMP (Oxygen Reduced)?

The preparation method of graphene dispersion (diameter: 1-3μm) in NMP: Physical exfoliate method is different from the latter two: Electrochemical Cleavage. The diameter of the latter two is different from the first one.

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