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Graphene Film-Super Paper

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Graphene Paper (D: 40mm)

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5



What advanced material boasts the strength of steel, super electrical and thermal conductivity, and a profile thinner than paper? The answer: graphene film super paper from ACS Material. We use a proprietary modification of the Hummers’ method to prepare our black, lightweight, flexible, graphene film super paper. Each circular sheet is 20 µm thick with a diameter of 40 mm. These carefully prepared sheets are excellent conductors and are ideally suited as conductive coatings for electrical equipment and various biomaterials. They are also useful in the preparation of graphene.

When it comes to graphene and graphene-related nanomaterials, ACS Material strives to remain on the leading edge. We take pride in providing researchers and innovators around the world in all different scientific fields the most advanced materials; our unmatched selection combined with our outstanding quality, consistency, and service have helped us build valuable relationships with the finest labs and universities.

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Preparation Method

Modified Hummer’s Method, Direct Flow, Chemical Reduction


Diameter 40 mm  
Thickness 20 µm
Conductive 2x10 3S/m
Tensile Modulus > 10 GPa
Color Black
High Thermal Conductivity >1000W/m.k
Bends easily‚ Flexible

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Graphene Film

Graphene Film

Photo of ACS Material Flexible Graphene Film-Super Paper (Flat, Round, Φ=40mm)

XRD-Graphene Film

XRD Analysis of ACS Material Graphene Film-Super Paper

Application Fields

1) Preparation of graphene

2) Solar energy

3) Graphene semiconductor chips

4) Conductive graphene film

5) Graphene computer memory

6) Biomaterials

7) Transparent conductive coatings

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