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CVD Graphene on Quartz Substrate

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Graphene transferred to Quartz substrate.

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5 (graphene)

At ACS Material we grow graphene via our own in-house CVD transfer methods. This high-quality graphene is then deposited on a 1 mm-thick circular quartz substrate via a wet transfer process. CVD graphene on quartz from ACS Material is a benchmark product and is known for its quality, consistency, and purity and is ideally suited to a wide range of potential applications.

Quartz substrates have an advantage over other polished substrates because they offer significantly better light transmission rates and improved thermal resistance over alternatives such as glass. In addition, quartz has a high melting point and is chemically inert.

ACS Material supplies CVD graphene on quartz and other advanced graphene materials to the world’s leading research and development laboratories and universities. Advanced materials such as graphene are major players in the latest, most exciting innovations and ACS Material is proud to provide the tools that will make the future. Our wide product selection and low prices mean you won’t need to shop anywhere else for your graphene needs.

Sheet Resistance <600Ω/sq
Custom Order <300Ω/sq
Transparency >95%

CVD Graphene Substrate
1cm x 1cm 15mm x 15mm, Thickness: 1mm*
1inch x 1inch 30mm x 30mm, Thickness: 1mm

*ACS Material also offers plain quartz substrates in various sizes, please refer to our Quartz Substrate product page for more information. For customization options including CVD graphene transfer services to other size substrates or custom substrates, contact ACS Material today.

Conditions for safe storage

Keep the products in a dry and low oxygen (or oxygen-free) container at moderate temperature (<30°C).

The products and services ACS Material is supplying include:

  1. Super large size graphene on copper foil up to 30cmx20cm
  2. Double or multi-layer graphene
  3. Graphene transferred onto silicon dioxide substrate
  4. Pretreated graphene: Graphene has been coated PMMA‚ just after some simple steps‚ you can transfer it to other different substrates
  5. Graphical graphene: According to graphics mask supplied by customers
  6. Customized service: different layers‚ different sizes of graphene; graphene transfer services; nitrogen-doped graphene; graphical graphene etc.

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