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Graphene on Ultra-flat Thermal SiO2 Substrate

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5

Among our outstanding lineup of graphene products is graphene on ultra-flat thermal SiO2 substrate. These products were designed specifically for AFM studies but are versatile enough for use in many other applications. They come in packages of 5, 10, or 25 to a box.

Each 5mm x 5mm ultra-flat thermal SiO2 substrate includes a 200nm SiO2 film grown on a 675 µm ultra-flat silicon wafer. The technicians at ACS Material use our proprietary trivial transfer method to transfer CVD graphene to the SiO2 substrate. You can choose from four thicknesses of graphene: single layer, double layer, 3-5 layers, or 6-8 layers. The graphene coverage on each silicon oxide substrate is greater than 75%.

ACS Graphene on Ultra-Flat SiO2 Substrate is made by Trivial Transfer Graphene.


1. Four thicknesses of CVD graphene:

Available in either 1, 2, 3-5 or 6-8 layers

2. Substrate: 

The Ultra-flat Thermal SiO2 Substrate consists of a 200nm thermally grown SiO2 film on an ultra-flat silicon wafer with a normal thickness of 675 µm. The size is 5mm x 5mm.

3. Graphene coverage of the ultra-flat silicon is > 75%

Type Thickness of the Graphene Transparency Support Film
1 Layer  ~0.35nm  ~96.4% Ultra-flat Silicon
2 Layers  ~0.7nm  ~92.7% Ultra-flat Silicon
3-5 Layers  1.0-1.7nm  ~85.8-90.4% Ultra-flat Silicon
6-8 Layers  2.1-2.8nm  ~78.5-83.2% Ultra-flat Silicon
Left: SAED  Right: FFT of HR-TEM Image
HR-TEM image
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1. Can the Graphene Oxide on Ultra-flat Thermal SiO2 Substrate used for AFM studies? 

Yes, our Ultra-flat Graphene and Graphene Oxide products were designed for AFM studies and we have many customers using them for such applications.