Graphene Oxide (S Method)

Graphene Oxide (S Method)

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Graphene Oxide by Staudenmaier Method

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5

Preparation Method: Staudenmaier Method


Appearance Grey Green Powder
Diameter 1~15 μm
Thickness 0.8~1.2 nm
Specific Surface Area (SSA) 5-10 m2/g
Single Layer Ratio >90%
Oxygen Content ~35 wt%
Tapped Density 0.013g/cm3
Bulk Density 0.008g/cm3

SEM of Graphene Oxide (S Method) -- ACS Material

TEM of Graphene Oxide (S Method) -- ACS Material

TEM of Graphene Oxide (S Method) -- ACS Material

XPS Results

Element Weight Content %
C1s 65.71
N1s 0.5
O1s 33.8

Application Fields

Supercapacitors; Catalyst; Solar energy; Graphene semiconductor chips; Conductive graphene film; Graphene computer memory; Biomaterials; Transparent conductive coatings.

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