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Graphite Fluoride (Carbon Monofluoride)

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Graphite Fluoride (Carbon Monofluoride)

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CAS No.: 51311-17-2

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Graphite Fluoride‚ also called polycarbon monofluoride‚ polycarbon fluoride‚ and Carbon Monofluoride‚ is a material formed by high-temperature reaction of fluorine gas with graphite‚ charcoal‚ or pyrolytic carbon powder. Our product is 99+% pure Carbon and Fluorine.

1. Preparation Method

High-temperature reaction of fluorine gas with graphite

2. Characterizations

Product No.:







Synthetic/Artificial graphite (Powder)



Grey/ White

Grey/ White

Average Size:

200-500 μm

1-10 μm

10-20 μm

F (wt.%):




Electrical Resistivity:

~1011 Ω·m

~1011 Ω·m

~1011 Ω·m

F/C Ratio:




SEM-ACS Material Graphite Fluoride (Flake)

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Graphite Fluoride (Flake)

SEM-ACS Material Graphite Fluoride (Powder)

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Graphite Fluoride (Powder)

SEM-ACS Material Graphite Fluoride (Synthetic/Artificial graphite)

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Graphite Fluoride (Synthetic/Artificial graphite)

XRD Analysis of ACS Material Flake Graphite Fluoride

Typical XRD Analysis of ACS Material Flake Graphite Fluoride

3. Application Fields

1)   High energy density cathode material in lithium batteries

2)   Reduction additive for lubricants

3)   Weather-resistant additive for paints

4) Oxidizing agent and combustion modifier in rocket propellants and pyrolants
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1. What is the density specs for this product?

The density of our Graphite Fluoride (Carbon Monofluoride) is at approximately about ~0.35058g/cm3

2. Is Graphite Fluoride (Carbon Monofluoride) artificial graphite?

The Graphite Fluoride (Carbon Monofluoride) is artificial graphite, which is obtained by graphitization of carbon materials.

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