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Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN) on Si/SiO2

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hBN on Si/SiO2

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1. Preparation Method

CVD Method

2. Characterizations


Monolayer h-BN/hBN


> 97%

hBN Coverage

100% with sporadic adlayers

Raman Peak

1370 /cm-1


5.97 eV

Grain size

>4 μm

h-BN thickness

monolayer (0.333nm theoretical)



Si/SiO2 Substrate



Wafer Thickness

500 +/- 50 μm

Oxide Thickness

300 nm


1-10 (Ω -cm)



Growth Method


Metal Impurities

1.00e10 – 5.00e10 (at/cm2)

 Typical Crystal Diffraction Image of ACS Material Monolayer hBN 

Typical Crystal Diffraction Image of ACS Material Monolayer h-BN

 Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Monolayer hBN

Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Monolayer h-BN

 Typical Raman Spectrum of ACS Material Monolayer hBN

Typical Raman Spectrum of ACS Material Monolayer hBN


* The indicated product metrics are generic to our transfer process. For all ACS Material products, the displayed range represents electronic data that we have obtained using our in-house transfer capabilities to transfer hBN to SiO2. Your own metrics will depend entirely on the transfer methods that you use, and the resultant quality of your transfers.

3. Application Fields

1)       Proton conductors

2)       Fuel cells

3)       Water electrolysis

4)       Graphene-based devices

4. User Instruction

To ensure the maximum shelf life of your graphene sample, it is best stored under vacuum or in inert atmosphere (Argon or Nitrogen) conditions once the vacuum sealed package has been opened.


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1. Do the sizes refer to the wafer or h-BN coverage or both? 

Both. The wafers for this material come in 4, 6 or 8 inch diameter rounds and the h-BN covers 100% of each wafer on one side.