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Highly Oriented Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG-Grade A)

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CAS-No.: 7440-44-0

Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) is a metal consisting of multiple layers held together via Van der Waals forces. Individual 2D layers can be easily cleaved and exfoliated from the stack. Each layer looks like a mosaic of microscopic crystal grains of varying sizes. The overall structure is columnar and the columns run vertically on the flat surface. The surface of each layer resembles steps; single and multiple atomic steps are created during the cleaving process where single steps have a well-defined height of 0.34nm. HPOG is graded based on the angle of deviation of the grain’s boundaries from the perpendicular axis of the columns; this measure is called the mosaic spread. Highly ordered HOPG (Grade A) has a low mosaic spread.

Find sheets of highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (Grade A) at ACS Material. Our grade A HOPG has a mosaic spread angle of 0.5° +/- 0.1° with virtually no visible steps on exfoliated faces. This grade is ideal for applications such as instrument calibration, X-Ray diffraction, and neutron scattering and diffraction.

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1. Properties


Black block



Mosaic Spread Angle:



10×10×1.0 mm

20×20×1.0 mm

20×20×(1.6-2.0) mm

2. Application Fields

1)    Scanning tunneling microscopy-callibration and substrates

2)    Graphite Monochromators

3)    X-Ray diffraction

4)    Neutron scattering and diffraction

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