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Low-Defect Graphene Oxide

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When it comes to utilizing graphene oxide, you need to ensure the compound is stable and guaranteed to remain strong over time. Low-defect graphene oxide that is created through an HI chemical reduction and high-temperature thermal reduction method is proven to be of the highest quality. Whether you plan on using the graphene oxide to manufacture graphene or are aiming to strengthen your water purification technologies, this product from ACS Material is designed to be highly flexible yet immensely strong. This ensures that no matter what the application field is, you’re bound to see quality results after implementing low-defect graphene oxide. For more information on our low-defect graphene oxide, contact us.

CAS-No.: 7782-42-5

1. Preparation Method

HI Chemical Reduction and High-Temperature Thermal Reduction

2. Characterizations


Brownish Grey Powder

Lateral size:

0.5-20 μm

pH (1mg/mL):


Singer layer Ratio:


Carbon Content:

~44.5 wt.%

Oxygen Content:

~48.9 wt.%

Sulfur Content:

<1.5 wt.%

Ash Content

<1.0 wt.%

Tap Density:

~0.27 g/mL

Grain Size:

<80 mesh

  SEM Low Defect Graphite Oxide

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Low-Defect Graphene Oxide

TEM Low Defect Graphite Oxide

Typical TEM Image of ACS Material Low-Defect Graphene Oxide

3. Application Fields

Graphene and polymers manufacture, water purification, flexible rechargeable battery electrode, optically transparent films, papers, sensors, nanocarriers for metal catalysis, anti-electrostatic additives, adsorption material and biomedicine etc.

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