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Micron Porous Carbon Block

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The Micro porous carbon block is: black block 5cmx5cm, its pore size can be controlled within 1-1000 microns, with high strength, high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy structure adjustment and a series of excellent properties, lightweight thermal management material, which is also a material with thermal conductivity and sound absorption properties, which can be used in the field of thermal, acoustic, and RF/EMI signal management.

1. Preparation Method

Foaming method

2. Characterizations


Black lump

Particle size

~200 nm

Compressive strength

>3 MPa

Shear strength

>1 MPa

Bending strength

>1 MPa


>30000 s/m

Pore size

Adjustable within the range of 1-1000 microns


Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Micron Porous Carbon Block

3. Applications

Thermal, acoustic, and RF/EMI signal management fields.


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