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Molecular sieves, 13X

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1. Product Information

Product Name:               Molecular Sieve 13X; 13X Molecular Sieve; Zeolite 13X

Chemical Formula:          Na2O • Al2O• (2.8 ± 0.2) SiO• (6-7) H2O

Silica-Alumina ratio:        SiO/ Al2O≈ 2.6 - 3.0

Pore Size:                       ~9Å

CAS No.:                        63231-69-6

2. Characterizations


Type A

Type B


Powder (spherical)

Powder (spherical)

Diameter (mesh/mm):

4-8 / 3.0-5.0

8-12 / 1.5-2.5

Static Water Adsorption (%wt):

@ RH 50%, 25°C



Loss on Ignition (%wt):

@ 575oC, 1hr



Bulk Density (g/ml):



Abrasion (%wt):



Compressive strength (N):



Adsorption Amount of CO2 (mg/g):



3. Application Fields

1)    Gas purification in the air separation unit removes water and carbon dioxide.

2)    Drying and desulfurization of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid hydrocarbons.

3)    Catalyst carrier

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