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Mordenite Zeolite

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CAS-No.: 1318-02-1

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CAS-No. : 1318-02-1

Mordenite zeolite is molecular sieve with two pore channels and high silica content. Although mordenite occurs naturally, synthesized mordenite is considered better suited for adsorption and catalytic processes because of the stringent purity requirements required by these applications. ACS Material uses hydrothermal methods to synthesize our mordenite zeolite within strict parameters.

Mordenite is effective for catalysis, separation, and purification applications because of its uniform, small pore size and its high internal surface area, flexible framework, and controlled chemistry. These characteristics plus mordenite’s high thermal and acid stability make it especially effective as a catalyst for reactions that take place at high temperatures such as hydrocracking, hydroisomerization, alkylation, dewaxing, and for the production of dimethylamines. Mordenite is also widely used in the adsorption and separation of gas and liquid mixtures involving acidic components. Additionally, mordenite has potential use in applications such as semiconductors, chemical sensors, and nonlinear optics.

ACS Material supplies high-quality natural and synthetic Mordenite Zeolite at reasonable prices. For information about this and other advanced nanomaterials, contact us today.

1. Preparation Method

Hydrothermal Synthesis Method or Natural Product

2. Characterizations


Type A: Synthetic Mordenite

Type B: Natural Mordenite

SiO2/Al2O3 Molar Ratio






Relative Density




<0.15 wt.%

<0.15 wt.%

Particle Size


0.5-3 μm

Lattice Collapse Temperature



Relative crystallization



3. Application Fields

1)   Catalysts

2)   Adsorbents

3)   Desiccant

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1. What are the form of these two products?

Mordenite zeolite Type A and Type B are H-form.